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No More Heroes 2 Dolphin Screenshots

Here’s a screenshot dump of No More Heroes 2 running through the Dolphin emulator. Dolphin emulates Wii and Gamecube and runs the games at stupidly high resolutions. Best thing is you don’t need to get into the shady world of downloading ROMs. If you soft mod your Wii you can install a ripper which dumps your existing disk on to a USB stick. Dolphin is pretty simple but there are a few gotchas that can trip you up. I’ll hopefully do a step by step new users guide sometime.

For now, enjoy HD Travis!

RUYE41-10 RUYE41-15 RUYE41-3 RUYE41-9 RUYE41-20 RUYE41-36 RUYE41-43 RUYE41-71 RUYE41-88 RUYE41-118 RUYE41-148 RUYE41-124 RUYE41-125 RUYE41-142 RUYE41-143 RUYE41-145 RUYE41-93

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